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What We Do

We make you look good. Or more specifically, perfect. We don’t design to a mannequin, because no man is mannequin-shaped. No, we meticulously craft every garment to your exact measurements, from the collar to the calf, so that every thread is tailored to you and only you. What you get is a perfect fit (guaranteed) that’ll make you look like a million bucks for a ridiculously tiny fraction of that.

Customization & Quality

You don’t have to adjust the number of buttons on your jacket, but you can. You don’t have to alter the style of your cuff or collar or lapel, but you can. You don’t have to customize everything, but you can. And with the finest quality imported fabrics paired with precision craftsmanship on every item, any choice you make looks brilliant.

Perfect Fit Guarantee

We’ve done it. We’ve made menswear shopping as painless as possible. All it took was two things: A perfect fit guarantee, and your very own personal style advisor. If the garment doesn’t fit like a second skin? We’ll remake it. If minor fit adjustments are required? We’ll alter it. And whether you order an entirely new wardrobe or just a single tie, you will receive premium one on one service from one of our highly trained, knowledgeable style advisors.

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  • Classiclightgrey-p

Classic Light Grey

139.99 | Receive this item by March 21st


100% Cotton

Perfect Fit Guarantee

Each client has a different opinion of what fits perfectly. Some prefer a more tailored fit, while others prefer a looser fit. Whatever the case, NB will make sure that every garment is made perfectly to your preferences and lifestyle.

If your order is not up to perfect fit standards, then we will gladly alter your garment and if your garment is deemed unalterable or is made with incorrect specifications, then we will remake your item at no cost to you.

Shipping Information

Our products are individually hand crafted, inspected, and delivered in person by your Personal Style Advisor within 4 weeks.

Easy Refunds

In the rare case that any item within your order does not meet expectations, and we cannot support you through alterations or remakes, then we will gladly refund the full amount of your item.

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